Plus: say goodbye to COVID protocols
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Hey Denver by City Cast

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Thursday, May 11

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Good morning, Denver! It’s Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month. Stop by Denver Fire Station 4 to check out this mural in progress by local artist Nalye Lor. The finished product will be a beautiful commemoration of Denver’s old Chinatown.

What Denver's Talking About

🦠 Colorado Says Goodbye To COVID Protocols

With the federal public health emergency for COVID-19 set to officially expire today, certain local health services are also set to end, including the smartphone exposure notifications, extensive data collection by the CDC, and publicly run vaccine sites. [CO Sun; Denver Post 🔒]

🏡 Montclair Residents Reject ADU Proposal

The eastern Denver neighborhood will not be hopping on the latest housing trend: blanket rezoning to allow the construction of accessory dwelling units (ADUs). Of the 9% of residents who responded to a survey from councilwoman Amanda Sawyer, nearly half said they were not in favor of ADUs, which they believed would “destroy neighborhood character.” [Denverite]

🚗 Addressing The Subaru Stereotype

Subarus fit perfectly with Colorado’s adventurous, outdoor motif. But are they actually the most popular cars in the state? Let’s dig into the data. [City Cast Denver 🎧]

Get To Know Lakewood

A snapshot of Lakewood city boundaries via Google Maps

Lakewood city boundaries. (Via Google Maps)

This week we’re taking another adventure out into the suburbs — to Lakewood! Denver’s neighbor to the west is HUGE (and also so much more than just Casa Bonita — as much as we love the Pink Palace). This is just the tip of the Lakewood iceberg, and I want your help to dive deeper. What are your favorite little pockets of Lakewood? Let us know, so we can share your suggestions!

🏞️ Get your nature on: Bear Creek Lake Park is a true nature-lover’s oasis in the suburbs. It’s 2,600+ acres of hiking / biking / horseback-riding trails. Plus an archery range, designated campsites, and we can’t forget Big Soda Lake.

🛍️ Shop til you drop: If you’re really up for a shopping spree, Colorado Mills boasts one million square feet of retail space. At Belmar, Lakewood’s blossoming downtown district, you can almost always find live music, community events, and something delicious to eat.

🏛️ Culture and history: Lakewood’s 40 West Arts District is a flourishing, state-certified, nonprofit creative arts district lined with galleries, performance venues, and street murals aplenty. Learn a little about Lakewood’s rich history at the Lakewood Heritage Center, which is home to a museum, gift store, and informational tours, but also plays host to local camps, classes, and festivals throughout the year.

🎎 Odd and eclectic: If you’re into antique dolls, limited edition toys, or other unique collectibles, check out the Denver Museum of Miniatures, Dolls, and Toys. Meanwhile, car fanatics should make a stop at the Rodz and Bodz car museum, which houses famous vehicles like the Scooby Doo Mystery Machine, the A-Team van, and a Batmobile monster truck.

What Do YOU Love About Lakewood?

Food & Drink

Two very decadent looking milkshakes from The Yard Milkshake Bar

I’ll take one of every flavor, please. (Credit: Yard Milkshake Bar)

This Week On Denver’s Dining Scene:

🍦 Get your Instagram filters ready, The Yard Milkshake Bar is finally debuting its over-the-top desserts in Denver on 16th Street Mall on May 12. [9News]

☕ After nine years on Platte Street, Carbon Café & Bar / Habit Doughnut Dispensary (the only place where you could get a booze-injected donut that we know of) permanently closed this week. [Denver Post 🔒]

  • 🍩 Habit Doughnuts won our donut battle last year. Now maybe we need a rematch. What donut shop do you think could fill the newly vacant no. 1 slot?

🥡 The ever-popular summer food truck series at Civic Center Park is back for the season starting May 17. Here’s the vendor lineup. [Westword]

🍧 Big Wheel Beverages combines a delicious, icy summer treat with a hands-on science experiment for kids and adults! Find it at a festival near you. [Westword]

🥂 Planning to take mom out to eat this weekend? Here is a list of specials. [Westword]

💭 Send Us Your Food For Thought

What to Do

🍔 Westword Burger Week | All Week

Download the Westword Burger Week passport app, grab a $7 burger from any of the eight participating restaurants, enjoy a cheap dinner, and get entered to win a special Burger Week grand prize! [Various locations; Various prices]

Denver Fashion Week | Thursday | 6-10 p.m.

The biggest event in local fashion is happening this week. Tonight on the runway, nonprofit Guided By Humanity debuts its first-ever adaptive clothing line for people with disabilities. [RiNo; $50-$130]

🗳️ Mayoral Debate | Thursday | 6-7 p.m.

Regis University will host mayoral candidates Kelly Brough and Mike Johnston for a public debate ahead of the June 6 runoff election. [Regis; Free]

🐝 Beers For Bees Happy Hour | Friday | 2-5 p.m.

One dollar for every beer purchased during happy hour at Diebolt Brewing will go toward planting pollinator gardens in the Sunnyside neighborhood. [Sunnyside; Free to stop by]

Today on City Cast Denver

A subaru outback drives over a creek with a beautiful mountain background

Subaru: the car of Colorado? (Steven Striegel / Unsplash)

Fact Or Fiction: Subarus Are Colorado’s Favorite Car

Today on the City Cast Denver podcast, host Bree Davies tackles a popular Colorado stereotype: the Subaru. She is joined by friend and recent Subaru convert Ann Marie Awad and the Denver Post reporter behind some recent Subaru research, Megan Ulu-Lani Boyanton.

How Much Do We Really Love Subarus?

Keep your fingers crossed! If the Nuggets beat the Suns tonight, they close the series and we’re one step closer to the championship! 🏀🤞

— Peyton Garcia

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